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The Aragon's comprehensive approach respected the value of our investment. At the same time, they understand the emotional aspect of securing one's home. Alisa was warm and approachable from the first phone call. Her knowledge and professionalism gave us confidence up to our final signature. 

Lorena and Camyar, Burnaby 


Before asking Alisa & Jorge to help me get a mortgage, I was working with the bank and another broker who were not able to help me. One of them let me do after asking me for hundreds of documents for almost one year. Once I contacted Alisa, she and Jorge worked hard to make sure my dream came true, mainly to get the long awaited mortgage. Thanks Alisa & Jorge.  

Constantin, North Vancouver


We are very happy to have met Jorge & Alisa Aragon. We felt very confident since the very beginning. Thier professionalism, integrity, and service attitude are awesome! We strongly recommend Jorge & Alisa Aragon. We will be very happy to tell all our friends about their excellent service. 

Ana & Manuel, Coquitlam


Alisa is amazing. She was there for us at all times to listen and also to put in lay terms whatever terminology we didn't understand. She greatly reduced our stress level by always speaking calmly and positvely. We are very happy we had Jorge & Alisa on our side and would definetly recommend them to our family and friends.

Yoslin & Jose Luis, Coquitlam


Alisa and Jorge make an awesome team. They are there when you need them, they’re knowledgeable, and nothing – absolutely nothing gets in the way of them finding the right “fit” for each individual’s mortgage needs. And they have a great sense of humour too… bonus!

Susan, Vancouver


Alisa and Jorge are open, friendly people to deal with. From the start, they gave us expert advice on our options, and we were never given unrealistic expectations.  In fact, they were able to deliver our new mortgage with our required terms at a lower rate than initially expected and considerable lower costs than even they anticipated.  If you want honest, caring help, go to Jorge & Alisa. You won't be dissapointed.

Andrea & Mike, Surrey


We would like to highly recommend Alisa and Jorge if and when you would need help with a mortgage. When it was time for me to retire, Alisa and Jorge helped us to re-finance our existing mortgage and get the best price on the market. It was more than just a business transaction though. Alisa and Jorge were very personable and were willing to meet us at our convenience. They bent over backwards to ensure we understood all the forms and stayed within the timelines needed. Then, after doing all this, we decided that were going to move and again Alisa and Jorge assisted us in getting all the forms completed and in on time. The difference though is that they did this on their own nickel as the mortgage was just being transferred from the existing property to the new one. This fact never changes their enthusiasm, their kindness or their professionalism. We were very impressed with the service that was provided but more so, by the wonderful people that Alisa and Jorge are.  

Dave & Linda, Mission


We feel very lucky to have met Alisa and Jorge. They were very flexible in finding a time to meet with us; usually this meant visiting us at our home after we had put our toddler to bed. They worked with us to get us a fantastic rate with the institution we wanted, despite the challenge of a tight time-frame and a few clerical mistakes made at the institution. They handled issues professionally, and did not even balk at finalizing our mortgage on Christmas Eve! We highly reccomend both Alisa and Jorge, and look forward to working with them again.

Alison & David, New Westminster


When Alisa called me to mention that she was working helping people to save on mortgage payments and to discuss strategies to improve real estate investments, I thought that she just meant it as a sales pitch. One day I decided to listen to her and see what the possibilities were, I was not planning on changing my mortgage, but I had thought of acquiring a new property. We met several times to review the calculations that she had. She focused on the benefits that I would have if my current mortgage had a lower rate. Now after several months of negotiations with several financing companies that Alisa carefully selected, I can corroborate that Alisa follows secure parameters that ensure that people have the capacity to pay and get the best interest rates in the market with highly recognized institutions. With the advice, tips, and business management from Jorge and Alisa, I found that not only saved money on my mortgage including the penalty of the banks, but also maintaining the savings of having a low interest rate mortgage for the next five years, which is great knowing that future conditions may be less favorable . Today I am pleased to have heard Alisa and followed her recommendations, as well as to have heard the good management and financial advice received from Jorge Aragon.

Juan & Carmen, Burnaby


Jorge and Alisa have helped me a lot during the whole of my second mortgage process. They are very hard working and trustworthy and commit to their word. They are extremely organized by keeping every correspondence in a DVD file. Time is very flexible to them and they have been accommodating to meet my schedule. My experience with Alisa and Jorge has been helpful, simple and smooth which has made the entire application process pleasant. Last but not the least, l strongly recommend them to all of my friends of work for their mortgage needs.

Kwong & Siat, Coquitlam


We initially met Jorge and Alisa Aragon at a free seminar they offered on mortgages for New Immigrants and First-time Home Buyers.  My husband and I were always very impressed by their knowledge, professionalism and friendliness.  When we decided to purchase a home we didn’t hesitate to contact them and we couldn’t have made a better decision.  The process was extremely smooth, simple and stress free. They always gave us sound advice, kept in touch with us, providing us with updates and information.  They were also able to get us the lowest rate possible, which in turn reduced our mortgage by thousands of dollars. This will allow us to pay our loan off years earlier.  Best of all, their services didn’t cost us a cent!  And, as if this weren’t enough, once we signed our mortgage they gave us a certificate for 2 months of home cleaning services.   We couldn’t be happier!  Thank you Jorge and Alisa!

Jeff & Karina, Maple Ridge


Alisa and Jorge have helped me greatly during the whole mortgage process.  They have gotten me the best interest rate that I could ever hope for, and they made it easy and personable.  I feel very comfortable with them and I actively recommend them to all of my friends for their mortgage needs.

Justin, Langley


My wife and I wanted to search for a better mortgage solution for our family.  Finding a professional relationship with a bank was hard.  When we found Alisa and Jorge from Your Mortgage Solutions Group it was a blessing for our family.  Working with Alisa and Jorge made us very comfortable and at ease.  They took us by our hand and explained the process of refinancing with another institution rather than a bank.  We saved a significant amount of money in the long run.  My wife and I were very pleased with their professionalism and dedication to their work.  I contacted them in the evening and they were susceptible to my phone call without any hesitation.  We know for a fact that a major bank would not take our calls at night rather asking us making an appointment was their solution for customer service.  We highly recommend Alisa and Jorge to be your next mortgage Representative.  In three years, my wife and I will be calling them again for a second mortgage pre-approval.  We salute to you. 

Stan & Claudia, Coquitlam


I had an enjoyable and successful time working with Jorge and Alisa. Everything from the first meeting all the way until after my purchase. Their willingness to explain in a clear and understandable way as well as answer every little question I had made the whole process completely stress free! I will recommend them to everyone I know.

Matt, Vancouver


My wife and I have had the privilege of having Jorge and Alisa work with us on obtaining a new mortgage this year. We had a short time line to work with and Jorge kept us up to date every step of the way. The end result was we obtained a great rate, one that our bank would not have provided us, and being able to make our time line with time to spare. Jorge and Alisa are wonderful people, very professional, and always made sure we understood everything, every step of the way.  We cannot recommend them high enough, and will be calling on them again when the time comes. Thank you to both of you, we look forward to not only having you represent us again, but to keep in touch in the future. Thank you!

Phil & Vivian, Port Coquitlam


When we decided to buy a home in Canada for the first time, we saw that the process and all the options offered were complex and if you add that there are many concepts in English that are foreign to us, this experience can become something very frustrating. When we first met Jorge, we felt that we finally got someone that understood our needs and concerns.

He explained absolutely everything with patience and professionalism. Thanks him and his team, our shopping experience was very rewarding and we managed to get not only the best option in relation to the investment, but he made us feel like family, something that in our culture is more important than the same investment. "Now we have not only a House with the best option of the market, we have a home and a few good friends.... thanks Jorge."

Gus & Ros, North Vancouver


My experience working with Jorge was quite delightful. He was very thorough, helpful, readily available; which made the whole process simple. Its certainly made getting my mortgage a stress free task. I would not hesitate to use his services again and certainly encourage anyone to do so as well.

K & J, Surrey


Since we arrived in Canada in October 09, my husband and I decided to buy a house and start building up equity as soon as possible, and don’t wasting our money paying rent. Everywhere we went to ask for a mortgage, we got the same answer, “you have to be living in Canada at least 1 year to build up your credit history”. We were disappointed and willing to wait.

We met Jorge in March 2010 and told us that we had options to get a mortgage approved. Jorge got us a mortgage approved and we moved into our New Home in May 2010.

During the approval process, Jorge’s follow up was incredible and guided us every step of the way. The monthly mortgage payments are substantially less than our rental payment, improving our personal finances.

We never though, that we would make our dream a reality so soon and so easy. Thanks to Jorge’s help, knowledge and professionalism, we did it 2 months after we met him and 8 months after we arrived in Canada. Thank you very much Jorge!

David & Maria Elena, New Westminster


I have been living in Canada for the past 15 years. Even though I had a good, steady and permanent job, several applications for a mortgage were rejected by my bank.

Recently I met Jorge through a friend who bought her house few weeks before. He explained to me in detail the process of getting my mortgage approve,In a couple of weeks after the first meeting, I got my mortgage approved with an excellent interest rate and conditions. I am moving to my new home in the next few days.

I am grateful to Jorge to take the time, patience and professionalism to help through this process and make my dream come true as fast as he told me would be, and that I always thought was unreachable.

I recommend Jorge as a Mortgage Expert and "new friend" without any hesitation.

Griselda, New Westminster